Electronic equipment

Design, manufacturing, implementation

led panels

We offer made-to-order electronic panels which can be used to visualize various processes in industry and public information. Diverse displaying and controlling modules designed by us have been improved for many years. They allow us to offer, in short time and on individual request, non-standard displays adapted to the workplace, with unlimited amount of signs, and descriptions of types of parameters displayed and units of measuring. If the need arises, we can program algorithms to count measured physical quantities, so as to display desirable indicators defining condition of the object.

We also produce information and synoptic tables. They can be self-contained structures in their own housings, or in the shape of panels for construction purposes. Every table is strictly adjusted to its function, such as the presentation of work efficiency, visualization of parameters of technological process and many others. Tables may be only displaying devices, and then they are controlled by a serial interface, or they can gather and process data thanks to a built-in acquisition module. Every design is made according to guidelines given by the customer.