I am engaged in the radio for a quite long time. At the beginning of 70's I have got russian kit with parts for simple radios. After long and hard work I managed to receive Polish main broadcasting station „Warszawa I”. I started to collect radios , parts and make various circuits. Probably in 1974, in scouts camp, our scoutmaster, Slawek (SP5ICS) proposed the Morse code learning. He had a key and Morse generator. I listened, tried keying and went to club station SP5ZHM to see real HF radio, just after the holiday. They had wonderful, old Russian RBM-1 with PA and RFT-188 communications receiver. I started to practice on club station and applied for my own license in a short time. I have got listeners licence first (SP-1683) and next my so longed-for callsign - SP5JNW. My club lended me old, Russian tank transceiver – 10RT. I hanged 20m of wire and tried to tune the radio. The receiver was OK, but I could not manage with the transmitter. So, I assembled four-transistor, 3W input transmitter. The first day was lucky: I had 2 QSO, with Slovak and Ukrainian stations. This way I become QRP fan. Within first two years I collected many European countries on 40 and 80 meters. My transmitter was very primitive. I changed the band by tuning the output LC tank to 2-nd harmonic! This way I did unique QSO. After my CQ on 40m I heard very weak reply from local station. Why weak? We worked on different bands. He heared my subharmonic on 80m and I heared his 2-nd harmonic on 80m!

Apart working on the air I assembled direct-conversion receivers which fascinated me due to it's simplicity. Circuits based on RA3AAE harmonic mixer was the best.

The first period of my ham activity was broken by marshall law period in 1981. In 1984 I come back to my club, reestablished home equipment and was active locally on 2m for some time.

For next twenty years I was entirely engaged in my work and family. All my radios and parts were packed.

In 2004 probably, I discovered the variety of ham information on the Internet. I was also suprised by popularity of QRP.

I took out the old radio parts and assembled simple homodyne receiver on 20m. Next year, I found the offer for FT-7 transceiver on www. It looked so nice, that the decision was very quick. This way I am QRV again, QRP only, of course! I am trying also to be active in QRP community. The internet helps with it remarkably, so I keep my own site and try to share with my experience and joy.

vy 73, Marcin, SP5JNW.

My „shack” with FT-7, January 2006:

My „shack” with TS-120V, December 2006:

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